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Personal Injury Settlements



Truck Accident Fatality

Net To Clients: $716,807.20


Wrongful Death on Premises Liability

Net to clients: $566,511


Child at an Animal Park was Injured by Driver of Train. Severe Injuries to Arm

Net to clients: $323,846


Federal Tort Claims Acts case. Negligence by Federal Medical Personnel, with Brain Injury

Net to clients: $322,697


Texas Tort Claims Act. Bicyclist Hit by State Employee in State Vehicle

Net to Client: $150,000


Auto Accident with Broken Foot

Net to Client: $76,667.34

Criminal Case Results

Not Guilty

White collar felony theft

Hung Jury, With Dismissal

Sexual abuse

Not Guilty


Not Guilty

Felony theft

Evidentiary suppression and dismissal


Directed Verdict of Acquittal

Possession of cocaine


Possession of Psilocybin

Evidentiary suppression and dismissal

Vehicular manslaughter


Possession of cocaine

Numerous other acquittals, verdicts and dismissals upon request

Federal Probation for growing marijuana.

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