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Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Elevator and Escalator Accidents | Personal Injury Lawyer for Metro Houston

An elevator or escalator accident can have devastating consequences for an unfortunate victim. Owners and managers of properties are required to inspect and properly maintain elevators and escalators so that they are safe for guests. Typically accidents on escalators happen when people get entangled in the moving mechanical components, causing severe injuries from falls and pinching in the escalator. Injuries from elevators commonly happen when doors close on passengers or when the elevator drops or electrically shocks passengers. Accidents from both elevators and escalators happen as a result of broken equipment, lack of repairs, no inspections, bad maintenance and spills. 

If you have experienced an injury in an elevator or escalator, turn to the experienced personal injury lawyer Michael Lamson, Houston, Texas, for expert legal help. Our team will evaluate your claim, conduct an investigation of the accident, compile evidence, identify the parties at fault and start a premise liability lawsuit on your behalf. Know your rights as a victim of an elevator or escalator accident and receive the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries, suffering and loss of earnings. Contact Michael A. Lamson, P.C. Attorney at Law, for top legal consultation in Greater Metropolitan Houston.

Expert Legal Help for Elevator and Escalator Accidents in Metro Houston

The legal team at the Texas Law Office of Michael Lamson is experienced in property liabilities laws in the State of Texas and offers you expert legal representation for cases involving injuries in elevators and escalators. Michael Lamson has assisted clients in premise liability cases since 1977. Find out why so many satisfied clients have rated him at five stars on the AVVO law directory. The Law Office of Michael Lamson has earned a perfect 5.0 peer-reviewed rating with Martindale-Hubble.

The personal injury legal team at Michael Lamson Attorney at Law has successfully represented clients in cases throughout the Metro Houston Area, including these communities and jurisdictions:

  • Aldine
  • Houston
  • Katy
  • Pasadena
  • North Houston
  • Spring
  • West Houston
  • Brazoria County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Harris County
  • Montgomery County
  • Federal cases for U.S. District Courts

Involved in an Elevator of Escalator Accident? Call for a Free, Private Consultation

Set legal action in place if you have been injured in an accident in an elevator or escalator. Get in touch with the Texas Law Office of Michael Lamson, Houston. We will help you secure just compensation for medical expenses, physical rehabilitation, pain and suffering, mental distress and lost income from injuries sustained in an elevator or escalator accident. We are ready to meet with you to review your case and move ahead with the most-effective legal course of action.
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