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About the Book

Sean, a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, represents major organized crime figures. As the attorney for a member of the Kansas City Mafia, he is placed in the crosshairs of a feud within the mafia. Told from Sean’s point of view, readers see the operation of the criminal justice system, along with the obligations and dangers of being a defense lawyer.

About the Author

Michael A. Lamson has been a criminal defense lawyer forty-five years. He is a member of the Texas and Arizona Bars and many other federal bars, including the United States Supreme Court


Very captivating! I have not read anything like this since The Valacchi Papers. Lots of memories. Hope there is more.

Good suspense & intrigue!

This book is a wild ride full of colorful characters & set in the charm of southern towns & cities. An intriguing look inside the life of a criminal defense attorney that must dance a delicate line between the law and the lawless in order to survive. Hope there’s a sequel!

A look inside the world of criminal defense

A suspenseful story full of interesting details about how lawyers work. Memorable criminal characters and authentic settings make for a fun read.

Masterful Mystery

As an retired expert forensic consultant, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author was able to cleverly weave this story to an exciting, and I must admit, unexpected conclusion. Hope he will write a sequel two this very clever and daring mob lawyer.

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