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Swimming Accidents

Swimming Accidents | Personal Injury Lawyer for Metro Houston

An average of roughly 3,500 non-boating related fatal drownings occur annually in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. While approximately ten drowning deaths happen every day, drownings are the fifth-leading cause of unintentional U.S. deaths. Many of the non-fatal swimming accidents require emergency medical care, hospitalization, and treatment for brain damage and long-term physical disabilities, including learning disabilities, loss of basic physical functions and memory problems. Other swimming accidents can cause injuries to limbs and internal organs. Drowning and swimming accidents occur with alarming regularity in swimming pools on residential and commercial properties. 

If you have been injured in a swimming accident in Metro Houston, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation. Reach out to the experts in swimming accidents and premise liability—personal injury lawyer Michael Lamson—for help. Call Michael A. Lamson, P.C. Attorney at Law, for a review of your swimming accident case. We will identify who is responsible for your swimming accident and seek compensation for your injuries and losses, holding the property owner accountable. 

Premise Liability: Swimming Accidents

Typically the owner of public or private swimming facility or pool is held responsible for swimming accidents. Property owners are required by law to properly maintain the area around the swimming pool and take reasonable care in making it safe for guests. If unsafe conditions contributed to your swimming pool accident, the property owner may be liable for injuries you have suffered and losses you have sustained in a swimming accident. Get in touch with our highly experienced personal injury legal team at Michael Lamson Attorney at Law, Houston, for help. 

Highly Skilled Attorney Representing Swimming Accident Victims in Metro Houston

Do you need to discuss your swimming pool accident case with a legal professional? Call the Texas Law Office of Michael Lamson if you have been the victim of a swimming accident involving injuries and losses. Michael Lamson has helped clients in premise liability cases since 1977, and many satisfied clients have rated him at five stars on the AVVO law directory. The Law Office of Michael Lamson has earned a perfect 5.0 peer-reviewed rating with Martindale-Hubble.

Michael Lamson Attorney at Law has successfully represented clients in cases throughout the Greater Metro Houston Area in cases involving swimming accidents, including in these communities and jurisdictions:

  • Aldine
  • Houston
  • Katy
  • Pasadena
  • North Houston
  • Spring
  • West Houston
  • Brazoria County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Harris County
  • Montgomery County
  • Federal cases for U.S. District Courts

Swimming Accidents | Call the Law Office of Michael Lamson for a Free, Private Consultation

We urge you to talk with us about your swimming accident as soon as possible to get the proper legal representation initiated in your case. Contact our legal team at the Texas Law Office of Michael Lamson so we can review your swimming accident case and lay out your best course of action to receive the financial compensation you deserve. We will not charge you for an initial no-obligation case evaluation.
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