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Injury in Public Buildings

Injury in Public Buildings | Property Injury Lawyer for Metro Houston

When incidents of injury in public buildings occur, the respective property owners could be held liable. Accidents that occur stemming from hazardous conditions in a public building or property may happen as a result of negligent, insufficient or absence of maintenance. The owner of the public property has a legal responsibility to maintain a safe property for occupants and visitors and is required to maintain, manage and oversee the property with reasonable care to prevent risk, harm or injury to occupants and visitors.

If you or a a family member has been the victim of injury in a public building or property, contact the law office of Michael Lamson, P.C., Houston. His legal team has successfully represented people in cases involving injury in public building and other personal injury cases since 1977. Michael Lamson Attorney at Law offers a free consultation of your case to learn about the facts and determine viability of your injury in public buildings case. One of the first aspects of the case we will seek is to determine whether the property is privately or publicly owned. If the property is owned by a government entity, whether it is by a city, county, state or the federal government, there are deadlines and restrictions upon when a claim must be filed. When a lawsuit is successfully filed, the next step is to prove the claim of a hazardous condition on the property and that it caused an injury.

There are many situations that may be considered dangerous aspects to a public building or property:

  • Construction sites that are unmarked
  • Damaged, uneven, cracked or broken flooring or pavement
  • Falling masonry and tiles
  • Loose scaffolding
  • Malfunctioning elevators and escalators
  • Unmaintained stairwells
  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Additional hazards

Attorney for Cases of Injury in Public Buildings

If you or a family member have been involved in an injury accident in a public building, call the law office of Michael A. Lamson, Houston, for superior legal services. Our legal team seeks justice and fair compensation from negligent parties related to your case of injury in a public building or property. We offer a free case evaluation and consultation, so call us today.

The Texas law office of Michael Lamson Attorney at Law provides legal services to the Greater Houston Metro Area communities and jurisdictions of:  

  • Aldine
  • Houston
  • Katy
  • Pasadena
  • North Houston
  • Spring
  • West Houston
  • Brazoria County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Harris County
  • Montgomery County
  • Federal cases for U.S. District Courts

Call the Law Office of Michael Lamson for Help Seeking Recovery for Injury in Public Buildings Cases

Meeting with a qualified legal expert should happen as soon as possible after a case involving an injury in a public building because of possible restrictions and limitations in filing claims against the government involved in the case. Select a personal injury lawyer experienced at handling cases involving a claim against a government entity for injuries occurring in public buildings. Allow Michael Lamson Attorney at Law, Houston, to help you find justice and fair compensation for your injury in a public buildings case.
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